Definition of Chinese lantern in US English:

Chinese lantern


  • 1A collapsible paper lantern.

    • ‘Many people brought traditional Chinese lanterns with them that had been made at a series of workshops during the past month at schools.’
    • ‘The mass of flowers on ‘Orange Peel’ are actually rather lemony, with rounded, waxy petals that gradually open and hang like exquisite Chinese lanterns.’
    • ‘There are also a variety of lanterns, including multi-colored Chinese lanterns, which create a festive, vintage mood.’
    • ‘The shrubs' flowers are bell shaped and hang like so many Chinese lanterns on a single stem of which the lower part is covered with short spiky like leaves.’
    • ‘What we find there, within a landscape of globes that seem as light as Chinese lanterns or Christmas-tree ornaments, yet as momentous as planets, is a tantalizing light and linked circular and cubic rings.’
    • ‘The garden, which is costing the hospital charity £10,000, will include hanging Chinese lanterns, a winding stream, bonsai trees, authentic stone ornaments and even waterfalls when it is finished at the end of March.’
    • ‘There was a time when she was happy girl who danced under Chinese lanterns.’
    • ‘Up go illuminated pink flamingos, Chinese lanterns, chile-pepper lights, and glowing plastic Santas.’
    • ‘Ashton's skating party in a Victorian park lit by Chinese lanterns looks charming as ever and offers a variety of opportunities for the students.’
    • ‘The home page features a photograph of Jet Li standing next to a row of traditional Chinese lanterns and a wall of the Forbidden City.’
    • ‘There will be an exhibition informing all about paper such as paper history and technology, workshops on paper recycling, examples of Japanese paper art called Origami, and Chinese lanterns and kites.’
    • ‘The younger children practised writing the year of their birth in Chinese calligraphy, made Chinese lanterns and dragons, and learnt how to make the ‘lucky red envelopes’.’
    • ‘A Chinese lantern covered the one light bulb that dangled from the ceiling in the center of the room.’
    • ‘It's as good as that Sargent painting of the girls lighting Chinese lanterns in a garden.’
    • ‘Strung on pole above the statues, plants, and stone benches were Chinese lanterns about the size of basketballs.’
    • ‘Inside is a sea of gold, tinged with red and black, acres of eastern decorations, Chinese lanterns and wall reliefs.’
    • ‘We are working with card to produce Chinese lanterns, traditional hats and dragon puppets.’
    • ‘An evergreen twining climber, it bears long racemes of lobster-claw like flowers of a luminescent bluey-green and hangs like Chinese lanterns from the vine.’
    • ‘The trees in the yard were decorated with Chinese lanterns.’
    • ‘The amphitheatre had been decorated with Chinese lanterns, a dance floor and live band.’
  • 2A Eurasian plant with white flowers and globular orange fruits enclosed in an orange-red papery calyx. The stems bearing these are dried and used for decoration.

    Physalis alkekengi, family Solanaceae

    • ‘But I have planted a small Chinese lantern tree in my new garden.’
    • ‘Use orange Chinese lanterns, bright rosehips, stems of red or orange berries, or chilies.’


Chinese lantern

/ˌtʃaɪˈniz ˈlæn(t)ərn//ˌCHīˈnēz ˈlan(t)ərn/