Definition of Chinese kale in US English:

Chinese kale


  • A leafy green Asian plant of the cabbage family, closely related to broccoli but with more leaf and stem and much smaller florettes. It is commonly used in Asian cooking.

    Brassica alboglabra, family Brassicaceae

    • ‘‘Kailaan,’ which is also known as Chinese broccoli or Chinese kale, is one of the best.’
    • ‘Remove leaves from the Chinese kale or cabbage, and cut the stems into 1 inch pieces, then chill for garnish.’
    • ‘Hybrid fruits and vegetables often come with silly sounding names, such as plumcots (a plum crossed with an apricot), broccolini (broccoli and Chinese kale) and nectaplums (nectarines plus plums).’
    • ‘The remaining one-quarter is derived from various, and confusing, names like Chinese broccoli (Chinese kale or gai lan), which gives it its crunch and special sweetness.’
    • ‘The most common vegetables are kangkong, Chinese chive, Chinese kale, pak choi and mini cucumber.’