Definition of Chinese artichoke in US English:

Chinese artichoke


  • An Asian plant of the mint family, cultivated for its edible tubers.

    Genus Stachys, family Labiatae: several species, especially S. sieboldii and S. affinis

    • ‘The Chinese artichoke tuber is small, typically 5 cm long.’
    • ‘It's related to neither the Jerusalem nor Chinese artichoke, both of which are grown for their tubers.’
    • ‘The portions of Jerusalem artichoke to Chinese artichoke balance of mixture depends on people's taste.’
    • ‘Crosnes, also known as Chinese artichokes or chorogi, are a gourmet sensation at upscale restaurants and greengrocers, and they're not to be missed by adventurous eaters and market gardeners alike.’
    • ‘Sometimes Jerusalem artichokes are confused with tiny Chinese artichokes which are imported from France.’