Definition of chinaware in US English:



  • Dishes made of china.

    • ‘In Minae's case, her parents made sure if she did break something, the broken object was simply replaced with prettier, shinier, and even more expensive chinaware.’
    • ‘Don't be surprised to see an old man take out some ancient coins and small chinaware from his pocket.’
    • ‘A visit must also be paid to the John Paul Jones House Museum that has a superb gathering of clothing, guns, chinaware, wedding gowns, furniture and other belongings of the captain and his wife.’
    • ‘But so it should, as her great-grandfather also painted horses while her grandfather was a painter for Spode chinaware.’
    • ‘Immediately, an ‘employee’ (in reality, a servant) would appear, grasp the four corners of the tablecloth and clear away all the food on it along with the broken crystal and chinaware.’
    • ‘The former contain objects made locally, while the latter yield chinaware, square-faced gin bottles, copper manillas, and factory-made pipes in addition to locally manufactured goods.’
    • ‘A team from Tongji University has researched the possibility of converting the silt into construction materials and chinaware.’
    • ‘Reproducing Ming chinaware using the original ingredients took longer to commercialize than she suggests.’
    • ‘With a myriad of designs on the chinaware, customers can pick and choose crockery that will lend a touch of sophistication and elegance.’
    • ‘I want to make you a gourmet meal and serve it to you on only the finest chinaware.’
    • ‘The Chinese have those chinaware spoons for soup but eat the rest with chopsticks only.’
    • ‘In the center matching chairs surrounded a well-polished, wooden table and a set of fine chinaware filled with food on its surface.’
    • ‘A Renault that had been secured in the cargo area is almost indistinguishable, yet stacked chinaware in the pantry has somehow remained intact while the wooden cabinet supporting it has since disintegrated.’
    • ‘Instead of following their way back to the waiting room they turned right and went down a flight of steps into an subterranean antechamber, filled by a long table laden with exotic foods and striking chinaware.’
    • ‘Glassware imported from Venice, Italy, and chinaware imported from England is on display.’
    • ‘Another thing to consider is temporarily placing some of your more precious furniture and nonessential dishes, chinaware, and other furnishings into storage while the work goes on.’
    • ‘I'll just get up on the table and scatter your fine crystal and chinaware on my way out!’
    • ‘During the 19th century chinaware became more affordable, and was openly displayed, making dressers very popular.’
    • ‘That'll be a lot of fun, too, even without the chinaware.’
    • ‘The ground floor included an entrance hall, cloakroom, offices, warehouse and lecture room, while the second floor housed the exhibition rooms - ancient bronzes, porcelain and chinaware, jade carvings and royal seals.’