Definition of china blue in US English:

china blue


  • A pale grayish blue.

    ‘eyes of a startlingly bright china blue’
    • ‘Charles saw her china-blue eyes widen in dismay when she realized Allie wasn't alone.’
    • ‘A small smile became etched in his faintly wrinkled face, and his china-blue eyes softened.’
    • ‘There was no chance of snowfall, and the sky was a fine, mottled china-blue and off-white.’
    • ‘There, on the table, a flower the yellow of flax closes, the irises unfolding, two of them deep blue-purple, a third is larger, and china blue.’
    • ‘All eyes in our family are blue, but hers are the bluest at the moment - china blue, sky blue, wide and scared.’
    • ‘As for the dance on Friday, April 17, if you want to go with me, I'll be wearing my china blue dress.’
    • ‘A border of china blue tile went around the bottom half of the walls, with the top half whitewash.’
    • ‘Instead, of course, he found himself staring into the china blue eyes of Miss Tiffany Irving.’
    • ‘Morton, with her large brow and china-blue eyes, has one of those faces, like Falconetti or Lilian Gish, which convey a whole inner world.’
    • ‘Looking absolutely nothing like Rebecca, Danita took strongly after their mother, with her china blue eyes, porcelain skin, and loads of thick, curly red hair.’
    • ‘Her china blue, saucer-sized eyes widened as I gently pulled her husband and kids from the extra car and extracted a bunch of bills from her stacks of bank.’


china blue

/ˈtʃaɪnə blu/