Definition of chin music in US English:

chin music


  • 1Idle chatter.

    • ‘That's so much chin music to you, who is wondering what to do.’
    • ‘Such punchiness is what Roth is commemorating - the hardheaded chin music of the grand old comrades.’
    • ‘‘You expect a bit of chin music when you come to these parts,’ said Michael.’
  • 2Baseball
    Used to refer to a pitched ball that passes very close to the batter's chin.

    ‘Clemens delivered some wicked chin music to Hernandez’
    • ‘Thanks to extensive batting cage work, he no longer is affected by chin music.’
    • ‘When the Rocket retires and becomes a Hall of Famer, he will become the last of a dying breed of pitchers who aren't afraid to throw a little chin music and stare down the batter.’
    • ‘Baseball's rededication to bearing down on pitchers who throw up-and-in fastballs seems geared particularly toward RHP Roger Clemens, who has a reputation as one who intimidates via chin music.’
    • ‘I am not sure of whether this was because he was mentally drained facing the fearsome foursome or because he wanted to give someone else an opportunity to face the chin music.’
    • ‘Hurlers like Pedro Martinez, Roger Clemens and Randy Johnson will go up higher because they have the control to play chin music without hitting the batter (for the most part) and the chutzpah to try.’
    • ‘St Louis not only worked all their baseball stuff to win, but they used all the chin music within reach.’