Definition of chimichanga in US English:



  • A tortilla wrapped around a filling, typically of meat, and deep-fried.

    • ‘On the grounds of Disneyland itself, the food is the instantly gratifying kind - loaded with fat, like hot dogs, potato chips and deep-fried chimichangas, or sugar, like the ubiquitous soda pop and ice cream treats.’
    • ‘For eats, don't miss El Charro, established in the 1920s and the birthplace of the chimichanga.’
    • ‘‘I think I'm gonna have the beef chimichanga,’ he said, answering Kat's earlier question.’
    • ‘After the second car left, we went back inside and I heated up a chimichanga for supper - healthy, no?’
    • ‘He makes it clear that such Americanized Mexican items like San Francisco's steak burritos, San Diego's fish tacos and Tucson's chimichangas do not belong in this book and will not be discussed.’
    • ‘We managed some restraint and resisted the deep-fried delights of the chimichanga - a tortilla filled with either beef, chicken or vegetables, served with guacamole and sour cream, of course.’
    • ‘It appears the next logical step is the Pizza Hut mid-day stuffed crust pizza, or the Taco Bell afternoon chimichanga plate.’
    • ‘Some food writers put San Francisco's steak burritos, San Diego's fish tacos, and Tucson's chimichangas in the Tex-Mex category.’
    • ‘A thin layer of cheese was all that separated the burritos from the chimichangas, for example (and, some would say, the boys from the men).’
    • ‘Whilst we were merrily munching our way through our chimichangas, a group of young men came in to the restaurant and sat down at the next table.’
    • ‘And, for those willing to hire a cab, this genial river town serves up a game of golf as good as the chimichangas at Tomatillos.’
    • ‘The chimichangas - meat-stuffed burritos deep-fried to crispy perfection - really hit the spot, though the filling was less spicy and a little sweeter than one might be used to.’
    • ‘She explains the difference between chimichangas, burritos, tacos, tostadas, enchiladas and fajitas.’
    • ‘Warning to the sensitive-stomached: there is near-endless discussion about nachos, chimichangas, and other Mexican fare in this short.’
    • ‘The enormous plates of enchiladas, chimichangas and more are worth the often long wait.’
    • ‘I had a Mexican platter with a beef chimichanga, a chicken fajita, refried beans and rice.’


Mexican Spanish, literally ‘trinket’.