Definition of chimerically in US English:


(also chimaerically)


  • See chimera

    • ‘A macronuclear pointer could derive entirely from the headpointer, entirely from the tailpointer, or chimerically from both, depending on the splice location.’
    • ‘He has been archivist or records manager to a wide range of organisations from business to educational (and one - the Oxford University Press - that is chimerically both of the above!’
    • ‘For these artists art and craft practice has converged chimerically.’
    • ‘In this paper, I take seriously the notion that the consumption of such chimerically constructed commodities should be considered neither irrelevant nor an outrage - two common responses.’
    • ‘The majority of tracks clock in near the ten-minute mark and are rife with chimerically harnessed energy funneled into a myriad of outlets.’