Definition of chimenea in US English:


Pronunciation /ˌCHiməˈnāə//ˌCHiməˈnēə/


  • A freestanding clay fireplace or oven that has a bulbous, hollow body connected to a narrow smoke vent.

    • ‘We've added benches, lanterns, a table and chairs and chiminea to make this special place a favorite relaxation area for our family and friends.’
    • ‘Whilst I like to look at such things like bonfires, barbecues, and chimineas, and find it quite hypnotising, yet something within screams out for me to move away, and basically retreat to a safe distance, say, the next field.’
    • ‘The games and drinks may change with age, but a fire means there's a place to play regardless of whether it's in a campground, a back yard, a rock-lined pit or a chiminea.’
    • ‘Prettier to look at is the chiminea, a large pottery chimney with a squat base where you can make a safe outdoor fire.’
    • ‘I've cooked both corn and beans inside a chiminea and they turned out tasty.’
    • ‘‘Hey there, Smokin’ Joe Louis,’ she'd say when he came up to the register to help customers to their cars with chimeneas or ornamental bird baths.’
    • ‘It could be clothes, with all those designer labels; it could be cars, with that all-important badge; it may be schools, patio furniture, the latest B & Q chiminea, or just where you do the weekly food shop.’
    • ‘In smaller gardens, consider self-contained fire pits or a chimenea.’
    • ‘Most at risk from frost are terracotta pots, garden ornaments and chimineas, particularly those made or bought in sunnier climes.’
    • ‘Another option is an earthen chiminea, which is great for small outdoor fires.’
    • ‘The kitchen was arranged around an open-hearthed fireplace (chimenea).’
    • ‘These resemble fire-pits or fireplaces crossed with chimeneas.’
    • ‘Okay, your cast-iron chiminea trumps your neighbour's electric patio heater, but let's leave it there, shall we?’


Spanish, literally ‘chimney’.