Definition of chime in in English:

chime in

phrasal verb

  • 1Interject a remark.

    ‘“Yes, you do that,” Doreen chimed in eagerly’
    • ‘It's going to be very hot, says Barney, to murmurs of assent from Crimson Brit and Urban Chic man, chiming in for the first time.’
    • ‘‘Neither can Beryl,’ one of the other middle-aged serving matrons chimes in.’
    • ‘Malorni chimes in: ‘I had a big black welt on my head.’’
    • ‘Dan chimes in: ‘People seem to have forgotten that being in a rock band is by its nature ridiculous.’’
    • ‘Fellow Razor Dog Ian Penny Pennington chimes in: ‘We played at the All Age Rage and showed them how it's done.’’
    • ‘‘The work in the plantation is difficult,’ a tea-plucker chimes in, her fingers deftly plucking the leaves with ease and then transferring them to a basket cradled from her forehead.’
    • ‘Lachlan chimes in that the family is giving up hundreds of millions of dollars of value to get the change of domicile done.’
    • ‘Tansy chimes in, her big brown eyes sparkling, ‘You'll never have to leave!’’
    • ‘Just thought I'd chime in during the commercial break.’
    • ‘Lord chimes in: ‘I really think this form of animation is the best way of conveying emotion.’’
    • ‘Her friend Cheryl chimes in: ‘We gave up on aerobics.’’
    • ‘At this point, my manager chimes in over the airwaves.’
    • ‘‘The human being will never be happy,’ Cáceres chimes in.’
    • ‘The estate agent quickly chimes in: ‘But, er, well, you know, that's, um, that's definitely in the mid-range of what you'd usually pay for a one-bedroom flat in London.’’
    • ‘I'll have Rosalynn chime in on that right after we come back from the break.’
    • ‘The young woman's male counterpart quickly chimed in, interrupting her.’
    • ‘I can almost hear you chiming in, and no doubt you'll want to compile your own list.’
    • ‘My dad takes a break from the tan lady to chime in.’
    • ‘‘There's a marvellous new wiping-up sponge on the market that I was able to tell Tina about; she was thrilled,’ he chimes in, laughing.’
    • ‘I normally refrain from chiming in to an editor, but this story piqued my civic conscience.’
    interject, interpose, intervene, interrupt, butt in, cut in, break in, join in, join the conversation
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  • 2Join in harmoniously.

    • ‘Thank you very much for joining us and chiming in.’
    • ‘Its catchy chorus line, which the nineteen-year-olds like to chime in on for a sort of harmonic stereo effect, is ‘Can't believe that this is real / Do I really feel the way I feel?’’
    • ‘Then we do another two verse-chorus pairs and a break, with the electric chiming in sparsely.’
    • ‘All right, Rick, Jeff, we appreciate you chiming in on it tonight and joining us.’
    • ‘The light and breezy pop music carries a bit of The Beach Boys on its back and, when the ensemble harmonies and tambourine chime in, a smiling smidge of Partridge Family.’
    • ‘I don't see these friends chiming in and signing the petition, do you?’
    • ‘Pete's younger brother, Simon Townshend, chimed in on rhythm guitar and vocals with long-time touring member pianist John Bundrick completing the line-up.’
    • ‘Soon, all the fairies were chiming in that they would join Lucen in an attempt to escape.’
    • ‘You knew you were at an REM concert when the arpeggio notes of Everybody Hurts chimed in.’
    • ‘Rufus Wainwright chimes in, as does Beck (doing a sublime cover of ‘Diamond Dogs’) and the man himself.’
    • ‘The minor parties are also chiming in too - adding to the credence that National can form a government after the election.’