Definition of chiliburger in US English:



  • A hamburger with a topping of chili con carne.

    • ‘They spent their allowances on greasy chiliburgers and French-fries served in plastic baskets, and they sat on one of the faded outdoor tables.’
    • ‘Famous for its Indian frye bread, the restaurant has everything from chiliburgers to taco salads.’
    • ‘Actually, Perry mentions Tommy's, then stipulates that he views chiliburgers as a separate category outside the focus of this story.’
    • ‘Juan and his family serve up a generous dose of humor along with some of the best red chiliburgers and tacos, not to mention great shakes and soft ice cream.’
    • ‘The same deliciously thick slice of tomato on every burger… They have set the standard for the chiliburger in L.A. and they have held that crown, while expanding.’
    • ‘We ordered hamburgers, a chiliburger, a BLT, and fries with self-serve fountain drinks.’
    • ‘The Lee brothers also invented the first chiliburger to ever hit Trinidad.’
    • ‘All you need to know here is that the burgers, the open-faced chiliburger and the onion rings are among the city's very finest.’
    • ‘Students packed the Dining Commons, waiting in line for hot dogs, chilidogs, hamburgers, chiliburgers, garden burgers and fries.’
    • ‘The menu, too, picks up the motif, featuring the likes of chiliburgers, cheese fries, and onion rings.’
    • ‘Willie's is well known for burgers, chiliburgers, and tamales.’
    • ‘She's on the verge of throwing them out when Hunter comes over and leads them out of the restaurant, chiliburgers in hand.’
    • ‘The next stop was Jay's Jayburger, a tiny, sleek, chrome stand famous for their chiliburgers.’
    • ‘But we do appreciate our many fans in the S. F. Bay area and we look forward to bringing our famous chiliburgers to you sometime in the future.’
    • ‘It also, if left out in a little dish overnight, will absorb all the odor of that super-duper chiliburger with double sauerkraut somebody left on the counter all day.’
    • ‘After 25 minutes Waitress 3 delivered the chiliburger by itself and with mustard.’
    • ‘Those who grew up or lived in Los Angeles and have a penchant for sloppy chiliburgers know Original Tommy's, a 60-year-old standup-shack of a place at the corner of Beverly and Rampart boulevards.’
    • ‘Afterward we went over to Tommy's for some amazing chiliburgers and ended up back over at Boomer's so the guys could drive the golf carts.’
    • ‘Billy B's Burgers is located on Jefferson Road just north of Winchester Road and is known for its chiliburgers.’
    • ‘This is the kind of chili used to top chilidogs and chiliburgers all over the country.’