Definition of chiliastic in US English:



  • another term for millenarian
    • ‘In this ‘thought universe’ people are as freed of the constraints of the mortal flesh as they are in more traditional chiliastic visions.’
    • ‘Weber consistently, even aggressively, shuns articulating a typology of the apocalyptic, chiliastic, and millenarian beliefs that span Western history.’
    • ‘The Book of Revelation, itself an heir to a long prophetic and chiliastic tradition, concludes with a vision of the New Jerusalem.’
    • ‘Outer and inner turmoil cross over the centuries in chiastic form; the new millennium, foreseen in 1799 and accosted in 1999, holds out scant chiliastic promise.’
    • ‘In the 1650s radicalism turned back to its religious roots, fracturing into generally chiliastic sects of insignificant strength.’
    • ‘As a result, the Cultural Revolution proved to be something of a non-event, in comparison with the chiliastic aspirations with which it had begun.’
    • ‘Priam his father has failed to move him with his chiliastic visions of his own terrible end, so Hecuba takes up the thread.’
    • ‘With an oddness that is, on reflection, unsurprising, it is in this newly decentred Dublin, where he thought he would be at home, that he recovers something of his earlier exilic and chiliastic vision.’