Definition of chiliast in US English:



  • another term for millenarian
    • ‘Initially Luther was well received among the chiliasts, who saw him as the harbinger of a new era and defender of the ‘new age,’ the age of the Spirit and of peace.’
    • ‘Many chiliasts believed that in the millennium all manner of physical craving would be satiated, that men would find all women beautiful, and willing to partake in carnal delights.’
    • ‘The early Montanists, it turns out, were not chiliasts and were never criticized for being so.’
    • ‘They are closer to the chiliasts in that they believe that Revelation 20 refers to a literal 1000 years, but they are not the violent revolutionaries as the ones before.’
    • ‘Secular chiliasts are people who compress all of history into the moment that they are living, and strive to determine today, now, all things forever.’
    • ‘Another general term for such millennialists is chiliasts.’
    • ‘In the end, this is the argument that Origen made to his Jewish critics (and to Christian chiliasts): their view of what it means for the prophecies to be fulfilled is too restricted.’
    • ‘When not live coding, Click lives with a trowel and four chiliasts in Dorset, Essex.’
    • ‘Even the American and European chiliasts had been influenced by Machindo.’
    • ‘Weber has read one great slate of unhappiness, history as written by sects and prophets, millenarians, chiliasts, and televangelists.’


Late 16th century: via late Latin from Greek khiliastēs, from khilias ‘a thousand years’, from khilioi ‘thousand’.