Definition of Chile saltpeter in US English:

Chile saltpeter


  • another term for sodium nitrate, especially as a commercial product mined in Chile and other arid parts of the world
    • ‘Iodine is mined as sodium iodate, NaIO 3, which is present in Chile saltpetre.’
    • ‘The most common mineral is rock salt (sodium chloride, NaCl, or halite), but it occurs in many other minerals including sodium borate, sodium carbonate, sodium nitrate (Chile saltpetre).’
    • ‘In 1913 the only commercial fertilizer was Chile saltpetre, and it was running out.’
    • ‘These products had long helped to boost farmers’ yields, and DAVV's hardest competition came initially from imported Chile saltpetre.’
    • ‘They also get then some Chile saltpetre to get the growth in it again.’