Definition of childrearing in US English:



  • The process of bringing up a child or children.

    ‘they had modern ideas about childrearing’
    as modifier ‘childrearing costs’
    • ‘Partnership education includes education for partnership rather than dominator childrearing.’
    • ‘Marriage is the best child-rearing institution ever invented.’
    • ‘Yet this proposition has profound implications for the whole process of child rearing.’
    • ‘I liked his very clear explanation of how our styles of child-rearing come to be reflected in the peaceful or warlike qualities of our societies.’
    • ‘At an applied level, the results may have implications for child-rearing practices.’
    • ‘Given the inequalities of child-rearing, the proportion of mothers in politics is likely to be lower than in the population at large.’
    • ‘Thus the one-size-fits-all school of child-rearing is rejected entirely by mainstream psychologists.’
    • ‘Grandparents also play a significant role in childrearing.’
    • ‘Many of the most popular child-rearing books are full of such nonsense.’
    • ‘The foregoing, then, calls into question the efficacy of traditional child-rearing practices in Jamaica.’
    • ‘Thus, these changes may be reflected in parental self-report measures of childrearing styles.’
    • ‘What was gratifying to see about the cartoon, however, was its treatment of same-sex child-rearing.’
    • ‘This beautifully written ethnography provides the first full account of child-rearing practices in the high Peruvian Andes.’
    • ‘He concluded that the mother was the parent who could provide the greater degree of healthy child rearing.’
    • ‘A half century later there are still lots of ways in which child-rearing practices might be having unrecognized subtle effects upon human offspring.’
    • ‘In addition, they may be left to deal with domestic tasks, including child rearing, with little assistance.’
    • ‘The comic book industry is not in the field of child-rearing.’
    • ‘Editorials talk about the need to spiff up the image of marriage and child-rearing.’
    • ‘Somebody said parents can find all the answers to their child-rearing questions in the books.’
    • ‘They were not built to accommodate childrearing or large-scale entertaining.’