Definition of childishly in US English:



  • 1In the manner of a child.

    ‘a childishly innocent remark’
    ‘he was childishly eager’
    • ‘He is tasked with directing the school's annual play, assisted by his childishly hyperactive classroom assistant.’
    • ‘We got the feeling his responses were childishly genuine.’
    • ‘These are songs they sing with such wide-eyed innocence that it sounds childishly naughty.’
    • ‘The back cover has a childishly rendered cartoon cat.’
    • ‘On the eve of the competition, journalists were charmed by her childishly serious air.’
    • ‘My long hair was once was kept childishly short.’
    • ‘He came up with an idea he called "childishly simple."’
    • ‘As luck would have it, he had never seen anybody sketch before, and was childishly delighted.’
    • ‘I was childishly elated to be on the electoral roll for the first time, after 20 years of residential disenfranchisement.’
    • ‘He glorified the idea of being "childishly pure," which makes excellent sense for a man pointedly unable to grow up.’
    1. 1.1 In a silly or immature way.
      ‘he childishly chooses himself above his friends’
      ‘he was childishly rude in his dismissals’
      • ‘She stamped her feet childishly.’
      • ‘In a childishly vain manner, she was gathering pillows to throw at him.’
      • ‘I laughed at him loudly, pointing childishly.’
      • ‘The users who complain about the changes are behaving childishly.’
      • ‘She stuck her tongue out at him childishly.’
      • ‘She was being childishly cheeky, and she had succeeded in getting on his nerves.’
      • ‘He tires quickly, quarrels childishly, and competes with his 7-year-old daughter.’
      • ‘Recently, at the climate meeting, he childishly stormed out because no one liked his ideas.’
      • ‘She knew she was acting childishly, but she didn't care.’
      • ‘Childishly, I tried to run out of the room but instead collapsed to the floor.’