Definition of childbearing in US English:



  • The process of giving birth to children.

    as modifier ‘women of childbearing age’
    • ‘It is estimated that only about 5 percent of women of childbearing age use birth control devices.’
    • ‘In a community in which early marriage and childbearing are traditional, failure to achieve teenage pregnancy may be regarded a serious problem.’
    • ‘There's some medical stuff involved, not to mention that I come from fine German childbearing stock.’
    • ‘A woman's childbearing years tend to be among her strongest and most healthy.’
    • ‘Women will be capable of childbearing from the ages of ten to eighty.’
    • ‘We make childbearing so noble, such an achievement, like it's the most exciting, fulfilling thing you can do.’
    • ‘The conversation flew all over the place and everything from childbearing to politics to careers to relationships got a mention.’
    • ‘All participants of childbearing potential were required to use birth control.’
    • ‘Will we be regretting our single or common law status sans children when we're 40 and are nearing the end of our childbearing days?’
    • ‘Women of childbearing age should take folic acid daily.’
    • ‘The formula was designed for women of all ages, from childbearing years through post-menopause.’
    • ‘Fortunately it is less common in women of childbearing age.’
    • ‘So, since a woman of his age would not be a very good bet for childbearing, he is looking for an amputee woman 10 to 20 years his junior.’
    • ‘It is pointless suggesting more and more ways to cajole people out of exercising their freedom to put less emphasis on childbearing and rearing.’
    • ‘Part of that was catch-up for reduced childbearing during the Depression and World War II.’
    • ‘Perhaps it is no coincidence that such dire statistics on childbearing were published in the wake of a flurry of government warnings about the falling birth rate.’
    • ‘Rachel is becoming a rebel who increasingly sounds like a voice from the slush pile of chick lit, moaning about the passing of her childbearing years.’
    • ‘We would then discuss childbearing for another five minutes.’
    • ‘Students who want to give birth have to be suspended from college so any student who doesn't want to give up study, has to postpone childbearing.’
    • ‘The second relates to differing views on childbearing.’