Definition of child support in US English:

child support


  • Court-ordered payments, typically made by a noncustodial divorced parent, to support one's minor child or children.

    • ‘He knew my ex-husband's name and wanted to know if I was paying child support.’
    • ‘Men who want to avoid paying child support are seen as irresponsible playboys.’
    • ‘You both need to consult an attorney about child support and the issue of parental rights.’
    • ‘One of the things I see is grandparents supporting kids while parents are wasting the child support money.’
    • ‘His parents were divorced and his family lived off of alimony and child support.’
    • ‘Thereafter, payments of child support shall continue monthly until further order of this Court.’
    • ‘While seeking my first divorce and before child support had been court ordered, I started working at a local bank.’
    • ‘Erving seems to have been a perfect noncustodial parent in regard to child support.’
    • ‘The only reason I knew he was even alive was because the child support checks kept coming in.’
    • ‘Solicitors visiting the region have expertise in the areas of child support for both the carer and the paying parent.’
    • ‘Few things in Brazilian law are implemented as seriously as the prison sentence for failure to pay child support.’
    • ‘Do not discuss child support or property when trying to resolve a parenting plan.’
    • ‘He owed her a large sum of unpaid child support that now will never be paid.’
    • ‘The committee said the agency should be more aggressive in pursuing absent parents who fail to make child support payments.’
    • ‘That in turn would have reduced the amount of money available to the father for the payment of child support.’
    • ‘Then when it proved that he was, in fact, the father, the court made him pay back child support.’
    • ‘Unwed fathers of children born to teenaged mothers are least likely to pay child support.’
    • ‘I am referring to the penalties that quickly escalate as soon as a parent defaults on child support payments.’
    • ‘I lived meagerly on my savings and supported my son and myself with no child support.’
    • ‘Out of this, they have to pay a mortgage and child support for the two children from his previous relationship.’