Definition of child-free in US English:



  • 1Not having any children, especially by choice.

    ‘a child-free woman who likes to travel’
    ‘my husband and I are child-free’
    • ‘One minute, you're child-free, and the next your life is 12 diapers a day, cuddles, cries, coos, and a fuzzy memory of what life was like Before Baby.’
    • ‘I would recommend this store to child-free people trying to buy a gift for a baby/young child.’
    • ‘I'm gleefully child-free, so I'll admit to not following these issues as closely as a parent would.’
    • ‘Single and child-free, her career soared.’
    • ‘The child-free couple who lives on one side of us regularly throws house concerts that run late.’
    • ‘She's been married and child-free for three and a half years.’
    • ‘The 57-year-old says she is still happily unmarried and child-free.’
    • ‘Most child-free women are constantly forced to justify their choice to their family, friends, work colleagues, even to strangers.’
    • ‘Many childfree adults have set up scholarship funds to help young people who are working hard in school.’
    • ‘I am 35 and child-free by choice and it is amazing the amount of guilt trips I get.’
    1. 1.1 Denoting an environment, event, etc. from which children are excluded or absent.
      ‘a child-free pool’
      ‘child-free flights’
      • ‘We finally took advantage of the resort's nanny service so we could enjoy a couple of child-free dinners.’
      • ‘In addition to seats with extra legroom on short to mid-haul trips, passengers will be able to book a child-free area on board, or a dedicated family zone.’
      • ‘They should have child free flights; I would pay extra for that.’
      • ‘The company offers child-free cinema-going.’
      • ‘Exclusive areas such as child-free saunas, spa areas and common spaces provide a cozy atmosphere.’
      • ‘Child-free hotels and child-free restaurants are a great idea, and I wish I could visit them more often.’
      • ‘There are some ships that don't allow any children on board at any price, including P&O Cruises out of the UK, which has three ships offering child-free cruises.’
      • ‘Quiet moments are possible in child-free zones, but really, the resort is so spacious that others seem to melt into the warm haze and it never feels crowded.’
      • ‘They valued escaping to the peace of a child-free guesthouse each night.’
      • ‘The restaurant says it will continue to serve its kids' menu until 7pm, then customers may dine in a child-free environment until the 10pm closing time.’