Definition of child's pose in US English:

child's pose


  • A yoga pose assumed by kneeling and bending one's upper body downwards until one's head touches the floor in front of one's knees.

    ‘if you feel dizzy or lightheaded, rest in child's pose’
    • ‘The child's pose is a great asana to rest in directly after practising the cat stretch.’
    • ‘You may find that the blood seems to stop circulating through your legs when you first practise the child's pose, but with practice this will disappear.’
    • ‘She takes us through our paces as we stretch into child's pose, cat, and the ubiquitous downward dog positions.’
    • ‘Three dancers crouched in yoga's child's pose held three others on their upper backs, then slowly rose, a trio of floating concubines.’
    • ‘Every morning before I get out of bed I do pigeon pose, child's pose, and a lumbar spine twist.’