Definition of chief master sergeant in US English:

chief master sergeant


  • A noncommissioned officer in the US air force ranking above senior master sergeant and below warrant officer.

    • ‘‘I want to become the chief master sergeant of the Air Force,’ Murray told the board, not knowing that one day he would reach that goal.’
    • ‘The 17 enlisted men and women with doctorate and professional degrees range from senior airman to chief master sergeant.’
    • ‘One of the demonstrators, cited by the press, was a retired chief master sergeant who served 30 years in the Air Force.’
    • ‘My selection allowed for many growth opportunities and contributed to my future success and first-time up selections for senior master sergeant and chief master sergeant.’
    • ‘There are a total of 60 course facilitators, all volunteers in the rank of staff sergeant through chief master sergeant.’
    • ‘For enlisted Airmen, achieving the Force's highest enlisted rank, chief master sergeant, is a common career goal.’
    • ‘It requires me to better manage my time because, after all, chief master sergeants are still allowed to take leave.’
    • ‘I spoke with all the base chief master sergeants who have had nothing but praise for the Australians even though we were just a drop in the ocean compared with them.’
    • ‘There are 15 retired chief master sergeants, and an impressive 92 percent of the civilians have served in the military.’
    • ‘But before making chief master sergeant he'd like to wear the first sergeant's diamond and help people.’


chief master sergeant

/tʃif ˈmæstər ˈsɑrdʒənt//CHēf ˈmastər ˈsärjənt/