Definition of chickweed in US English:



  • A small plant of the pink family with deeply cleft white petals, often growing as a garden weed and sometimes eaten by poultry.

    Stellaria, Cerastium, and other genera, family Caryophyllaceae: several species, including common chickweed (S. media), with smooth leaves and stems, and mouse-ear chickweed (C. vulgatum), with hairy leaves and stems

    • ‘Some weeds, such as chickweed, common groundsel, and bittercress, may germinate and grow at almost any time of year.’
    • ‘Whether or not it is so, it is still funny that out of all things they prefer chickweed.’
    • ‘Perennial geraniums live forever, are easy to grow from seed and once established, spread and self-seed as madly as chickweed.’
    • ‘I once took my boys to a park that had a little pond covered in chickweed.’
    • ‘A very good fasting tea is a combination of nettles, chickweed and fennel seed which also helps in weight reduction.’
    • ‘The targeted pests were chickweed, prickly lettuce, and root-knot nematode.’
    • ‘In the spring, the pheasant mamas will bring their chicks to picnic on the chickweed.’
    • ‘Researchers report that controlling weeds such as purple deadnettle, henbit and chickweed may help keep SCN numbers down.’
    • ‘Fast-growing fall cover crops outcompete late-season weeds like quack grass and chickweed.’
    • ‘This field had been fallow the previous year, and it was already blanketed with wild mustard, violets, chickweed, and wild parsnip.’
    • ‘It is especially effective on crabgrass, goosegrass, and chickweed.’
    • ‘Again, this is a place to include uncultivated herbs such as dandelion, chicory, chickweed, malva, watercress, nettles and mustard greens.’
    • ‘On the opposite extreme, shallow-rooted ground cover weeds such as ground ivy and chickweed help prevent erosion and prevent soil crusting when dry.’
    • ‘Drizzle vinaigrette around the dish and garnish with chickweed.’
    • ‘Toss together chickweed with lemon juice and grapeseed oil.’
    • ‘She continued hoeing out the chickweed and dandelions.’
    • ‘Those edible ‘weeds’ include chickweed, lambs quarters and stinging nettles.’
    • ‘Many winter annual weeds, including common chickweed, purple deadnettle, henbit, and cressleaf groundsel, have become increasingly problematic in corn, soybean, and wheat production.’
    • ‘Chickweed oil which is a good lotion for skin ailments is made by placing an ounce of dried chickweed in olive oil.’
    • ‘When the chickweed is seeding, they go after those seeds first.’