Definition of Chicken Little in English:

Chicken Little


North American
  • An alarmist or doomsayer.

    ‘my beloved capital sounds more and more these days like a barnyard filled with Chicken Littles’
    • ‘Few people blink these days when some Chicken Little somewhere announces that the virtual sky is falling.’
    • ‘These are pathetic reasons for our representatives in Congress to be in a Chicken Little mode.’
    • ‘He views these as the squawks of a Chicken Little inciting panic and skepticism.’
    • ‘And that's important to know as well, so that we're not in a Chicken Little type situation.’
    • ‘Even if they miss your head, a 2-foot pine cone dropping nearby can give you a Chicken Little moment.’


1990s: from the name of a character in a children's story who repeatedly warns that the sky is falling.