Definition of chicken feed in US English:

chicken feed


  • 1Food for poultry.

    • ‘Paradoxically, the factory was used to develop revolutionary chicken feed to increase the weight of chickens with greater, industrial efficiency.’
    • ‘In this instance, the dioxin source was traced to contaminated animal fats that had been added to chicken feed and other animal feedstuffs.’
    • ‘The rabbits come around to eat the spilled chicken feed after the feed truck comes to fill up the silos.’
    • ‘She turned and hurried to the counter where the clerk was ringing up the last of the chicken feed.’
    • ‘The researchers, who are patenting their chicken feed, say they'll have the super-healthy eggs in stores as soon as they sign up with a suitable farm.’
    • ‘The researchers hope to find more beneficial bacteria and eventually reduce the need for antibiotics in chicken feed.’
    • ‘Since returning to his plot in October his hut has been burnt down and he has lost tools, milk churns and chicken feed totalling well over £100.’
    • ‘The researchers traced the dioxin to chicken feed, specifically soybean meal.’
    • ‘She picked up the bag of chicken feed and started tossing it about to the chickens that had gathered about her feet.’
    • ‘We shell corn from the center of the biggest ears, leaving the small rounded seeds on the ends for corn meal or chicken feed.’
    1. 1.1informal An insignificant amount of money.
      ‘the pay was chicken feed for the work I put in’
      • ‘Set against that, the cost of hiring a studio for a week and a couple of producers is chicken feed.’
      • ‘Surely it's not for the £500,000 paid for the serialisation rights - pure chicken feed to Britain's richest footballer.’
      • ‘But that absolutely is chicken feed compared to the numbers that will be paid through a highly negotiated collective arrangement.’
      • ‘If the member calls $20 million chicken feed, then the Government should be paying the extra $16 million.’
      • ‘But this is chicken feed compared to the loss of earnings for a year of full-time study.’
      very small sum, pittance, trifle, trifling sum, drop in the ocean, insignificant sum, derisory sum, paltry sum
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chicken feed

/ˈCHikən fēd//ˈtʃɪkən fid/