Definition of chica in US English:



  • A girl or young woman (often as a form of address)

    ‘you rock, chica!’
    ‘she is one tough chica’
    • ‘"No you don't, chica," he said, placing his hand on her chin.’
    • ‘In the midst of full-blown crush crazies, even the sanest chica can get lured in by sparkling baby blues, a cute smile or flawless free throw.’
    • ‘Chica, you've inspired quite a bit of stuff.’
    • ‘I feel sorry for the poor chica, everyone seems to think it's her fault that they're not together yet.’
    • ‘"Chica, you have to come back down to Earth eventually!"’
    • ‘But this can be a positive as you will be a novelty and it may catch the eye of a chica prepared to show you some moves!’
    • ‘My chica had veggie fajitas that were loaded with oil but perfectly spiced to give a kick to a rather bland selection of vegetables.’
    • ‘"Chica, all we're sayin' is you'd better keep a leash on that boy tomorrow," Kari said.’
    • ‘"Hey chica, anyone ever tell you that you're beautiful?"’
    • ‘I'll see you in the morning, chica ... talk to you tomorrow, I'm going to turn in.’