Definition of chibouk in English:


(also chibouque)


  • A long Turkish tobacco pipe.

    • ‘Picturesque Arabs sat upon the ground, in groups, and solemnly smoked their long-stemmed chibouks.’
    • ‘In a central chamber scalloped with light and hung with tapestried arabesques they lean on bolsters & smoke long chibouks of haschisch scented with opium & amber.’
    • ‘A chibouk, or chibouque, was a Turkish tobacco pipe with a long stem and a red clay bowl.’
    • ‘There were chibouques, of course: and sherbets in cut glass cups.’
    • ‘Out of his back, somewhere, apparently, the long stem of a chibouk projected, and reached far above his right shoulder.’
    • ‘Finally, the bather would return to the cooling room where he could drink coffee, smoke pipes, cigars or chibouques, and play chess or draughts with his fellow bathers.’
    • ‘Cramer worked in the Russian capital, making walking sticks, tobacco pipes, chibouques and other items.’
    • ‘After a while he removed the chibouk from his mouth and said, ‘A fine business!’
    • ‘Walking along, smoking his chibouque and smelling the flowers, he came to a baking-oven by the roadside.’
    • ‘Both laid themselves down on the divan; chibouques with jasmine tubes and amber mouthpieces were within reach, and all prepared so that there was no need to smoke the same pipe twice.’
    • ‘Some three or four cloaked and bearded men have chairs brought, and sit gravely smoking their chibouques on the bank above, enjoying the entertainment.’
    • ‘Tai chi is based on the Taoist belief that good health results from balanced chi, which is short for chibouk, a long-stemmed Turkish tobacco pipe.’
    • ‘Then the Nubian seated himself on the stone that formed the angle of the house and the road and began smoking his chibouque, while Monte Cristo returned to his study.’
    • ‘Coffee was frequently accompanied by tobacco, which would be smoked in a nargileh or long-stemmed chibouk.’
    • ‘He noticed that in Smyrne (today, Izmir), people smoke narghile while in the capital of the Ottoman Empire, the chibouque is given preference.’
    tobacco pipe, briar, briar pipe, meerschaum, clay pipe
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Early 19th century: French chibouque, from Turkish çubuk, literally ‘tube’.