Definition of Chibcha in US English:



  • 1A member of an indigenous people of Colombia whose well-developed political structure was destroyed by Europeans.

    • ‘The Chibchas, who lived in the Bogotá region, were the largest indigenous group.’
    • ‘The original inhabitants of the great plateaus of the Andean highlands in central Colombia were known as Chibchas.’
    • ‘Unlike the Chibcha Indians, the Muzo defied Spanish conquest and hid their emerald deposits for nearly twenty years.’
    • ‘The leader of the Chibcha was terrified of the mounted Spanish soldiers, certain that they were demons.’
    • ‘Among the more ghoulish ancient usages were those by the Chibcha Indians of Colombia.’
  • 2The extinct Chibchan language of the Chibcha.

    • ‘There are still twenty-five surviving indigenous languages belonging to three linguistic families: Caribans, Arawak, and Chibcha.’


  • Relating to the Chibcha or their language.


American Spanish, from Chibcha zipa ‘chief, hereditary leader’.