Definition of chew something over in US English:

chew something over

phrasal verb

  • Discuss or consider something at length.

    ‘executives met to chew over the company's future’
    • ‘We talked about the play still, no matter how many times we chewed it over.’
    • ‘People are often consumed with the past, ruminating about events and chewing them over and over.’
    • ‘It doesn't appear that they could afford the luxury of chewing it over in the abstract and offering peer review services.’
    • ‘The others began to join in the discussion, chewing ideas over.’
    • ‘Gabriel chewed this new information over one last time before letting out a breath.’
    • ‘You have the opportunity to read and re-read many times, to chew it over, consider the message, roll it around in your mind, get an impression of what was truly meant.’
    • ‘But now he had a tricky decision to make and no one to chew it over with.’
    • ‘As the nation's daily newspaper, we are the forum in which all sides of these big issues are chewed over.’
    • ‘The adopted son chewed this news over, looked deep in thought for a moment, and with a smile spreading across his face enthused: ‘Well, can't we adopt him too?’’
    • ‘People normally differ by temperament, but they also differ in cognitive style, the degree to which they chew things over, worry about them, and draw negative conclusions.’
    meditate on, ruminate on, think about, think over, think through, mull over, contemplate, consider, weigh up, ponder on, deliberate on, reflect on, muse on, cogitate about, dwell on, take stock of, give thought to, turn over in one's mind, consider the pros and cons of
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