Definition of chèvre in US English:



  • Cheese made with goat's milk.

    • ‘If you're not a fan of chèvre (goat's cheese), you can replace it with almost any crumbly cheese.’
    • ‘At the market in the Norman village of Louviers, I found these lovely rounds of chèvre.’
    • ‘Or you could turn it into a quick starter by adding slices of mozzarella or crumbled chèvre and some toasted pine nuts.’
    • ‘It also features an array of Vermont cheeses - from cheddar to chèvre, arguably the finest outside Europe.’
    • ‘‘It's from the Loire Valley,’ went his description of one well-known chèvre.’
    • ‘The chèvre, mushroom and zucchini sandwich on thickly sliced bread didn't skimp on the goat cheese, but it was a bit too pungent to pair with the root soup.’
    • ‘Divide unto plates, and sprinkle with crumbled chèvre.’
    • ‘The contrast between the crispiness of the breading and the soft, tangy chèvre was delightful.’


French, literally ‘goat, she-goat’, from Latin caper.