Definition of chestnut oak in US English:

chestnut oak


  • A North American oak which has leaves resembling those of the chestnut.

    Genus Quercus, family Fagaceae: several species, in particular Q. montana (or Q. prinus) of the eastern US

    • ‘Slowly, like a stunted chestnut oak falling to the floor of the forest, he toppled over.’
    • ‘In fact, after a chestnut oak in Connecticut, it was the second tree ever to be officially nominated for national champion status.’
    • ‘Red maple, chestnut oak, and scarlet oak are all abundant in the seedling layer.’
    • ‘Data were collected from red maple, chestnut oak, and scarlet oak seedlings on the burned site and an unburned reference site.’
    • ‘The data show that chestnut oak and white oak were uncommon on north and east exposures, and black cherry occurred infrequently on west and southwest exposures.’