Main definitions of chesterfield in US English:

: chesterfield1Chesterfield2



  • 1A sofa with padded arms and a back of the same height and curved outward at the top.

    • ‘I walk around and pick the blue chesterfield to sit on.’
    • ‘Come sit here,’ Maggie said, indicating the space beside her on the chesterfield.’
    • ‘View the contrasting styles: traditional chesterfields, contemporary, class and rustic.’
    • ‘Once through the lobby and up a small set of stairs, we entered our living area, with its dark panelled walls and leather chesterfield sofas.’
    1. 1.1Canadian Any sofa or couch.
      • ‘I stood up from the chesterfield - banging my knee on the coffee table.’
      • ‘The tables are mismatched and we are sitting on chairs and chesterfields that look like they were grabbed from the street before the garbage man got to them.’
      • ‘Becca and I walked into a comfortable room with plush chesterfield and warm furniture.’
      • ‘They were sitting - well, she supposed that up until a moment ago she'd been more sprawled than seated - on the red velvet chesterfield that matched the trim on the oversized leather chairs.’
      • ‘The fashion and mood of the era are evoked by Willis' third choice, a rust-coloured angular chesterfield with reversible armrests.’
      • ‘Last night, while I read on the chesterfield, he rapped on the window to ask me about something.’
  • 2A man's plain straight overcoat, typically with a velvet collar.


Mid 19th century (in chesterfield (sense 2)): named after a 19th-century Earl of Chesterfield.




Main definitions of chesterfield in US English:

: chesterfield1Chesterfield2


proper noun

  • 1A city in eastern Missouri, on the Missouri River, a suburb of St. Louis; population 46,064 (est. 2008).

  • 2A town in Derbyshire, north central England; population 71,100 (est. 2009).