Definition of chest voice in US English:

chest voice


  • The lowest register of the voice in singing or speaking.

    • ‘On occasion the score seemed a little out of reach, but effective transitions between a strong falsetto and good chest voice minimised the negative impact of these vocal limitations.’
    • ‘Certainly in Baroque music the chest voice was fully exploited, a fact largely ignored in performances today.’
    • ‘The next chapter, about the chest voice, is titled ‘Making Your Speaking Voice Sing.’’
    • ‘I've never heard a girl sing like Theresa, with a full chest voice, I've never heard a girl do that.’
    • ‘She doesn't shy away from using her chest voice campily, and her upper registers are no less thrilling.’
    • ‘Astounding again are Hampson's vocal options displayed here, from ordinary chest voice to virtuous trills.’