Definition of chessman in US English:


nounPlural chessmen

  • A solid figure used as a chess piece.

    • ‘My pieces move as the King in chess, just about the average chessman in mobility; thus the board is about equally saturated with force.’
    • ‘‘It is now,’ replied David, resetting the chessmen.’
    • ‘The chessmen, red and white, fit into the boards by tiny pegs.’
    • ‘Orders for games included 48 chessboards and chessmen, 12 sets of fox and geese, 6 sets of jackstraws, 9 boxes of ninepins, and 3 sets of German tactics.’
    • ‘The Lewis chessmen, although Viking, date to the mid twelfth century.’
    • ‘A set of exquisitely carved ivory chessmen, a moa egg, stuffed birds, and bird skins, although jumbled in with rubbish, were all neatly catalogued.’
    • ‘After all, the pieces move in chess; even nonplayers can observe an armada of chessmen marching down the 64 squares and realize that something is happening.’
    • ‘That no chessmen were found is no surprise, as the board was obviously made in an emergency and would have been used with men made from whatever materials were available, perhaps paper or parchment.’
    • ‘The chessmen, stone gnomes, were drawn up like twin guards of opposing honour.’
    • ‘Other candidates include the ship burial at Sutton Hoo, the Lindisfarne Gospels, Magna Carta, the Domesday Book and the Isle of Lewis chessmen.’
    • ‘He's got what it takes to move the chessmen on the board, that's clear, and that has to be, and he'll get the authority with this to do what he has to do.’
    • ‘Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward; they may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.’
    • ‘The chessmen are cast in stone powder, sealed and hand-painted.’
    • ‘The set comprising chessmen placed on a board in wood has a quaint appearance.’
    • ‘The room is full of wooden African carvings and her dining table covered with hand-carved chessman, which she is selling to raise money for the charity she now runs herself: the Hunter Trust for Education in Malawi.’
    • ‘To cope with the ever-increasing info onslaught, you must be able to position documents in your own future as deliberately as you move chessmen forward.’
    • ‘However, chessmen and sets are now coming to light from Eastern Europe, that are firmly dated to the 10th century AD, that are made from similar materials.’
    • ‘Resembling broken chessmen or coffee pots, the trio of empty towers accommodate various bizarre functions.’
    • ‘It was a game for three players, shaped like a truncated swastika, with chessmen in three different colours.’
    • ‘According to Spalding, the problem of the chessmen could be solved by further dividing the collection and lending some to Lewis on a rotating basis.’