Definition of chess set in US English:

chess set


  • A chessboard and a set of chessmen.

    • ‘A chess set placed upon a matching stand creates the same effect as a painting illuminated by a picture light.’
    • ‘To fight off boredom I will have a pool table and glass chess set with me in the tank.’
    • ‘To her surprise and delight, there was a chess set laid out on the table, the white pieces the creamy color of light coral and the black pieces the dark blue of water at night.’
    • ‘He has a travelling chess set, its leather cover worn, which folds up and slides into a pocket.’
    • ‘She was apparently playing with something that looked like a chess set.’
    • ‘They found it contained two bibles, a chess set, a backgammon game, a deck of cards, poker chips and several paper back pulp fiction novels.’
    • ‘Maybe you could carve a chess set out of them or something.’
    • ‘Nik grinned, handing her the chess set, a book, and a writing case.’
    • ‘As I look around the room I notice the chess set resting on a small table, accompanied by a handful of books.’
    • ‘She reciprocated with a miniature chess set (the game was one of Marks's great loves).’
    • ‘He also enclosed the miniature chess set Violette had given to him, saying that he knew that she would have wanted the boy to have it.’
    • ‘He stood and took measured steps around his desk, stopping short of the chess set.’
    • ‘She would read voraciously, fill whole books with her drawings and invent frighteningly complex versions of solitaire using a chess set.’
    • ‘A chess set, a few new books, a sketchbook and pencils, and a writing book were presented to me, so I wouldn't be bored on the voyage or the train journey.’
    • ‘I've got this book on chess sitting next to my bed, along with my magnetic chess set.’
    • ‘After serious consideration and an amount of market research, they decided to make and sell a chess set.’
    • ‘So, no, we don't leave the chess set arranged like that all day.’
    • ‘Simon got up and went to his work desk, where he took a boxed chess set from the tiny drawer on the side.’
    • ‘Three days later, one of the team found some pieces of a Persian chess set only nine inches under the surface, which led to the discovery of the city walls.’
    • ‘When I was young, my father gave me a beautiful, handcrafted chess set.’


chess set

/ˈCHes set/