Definition of cherry tomato in US English:

cherry tomato


  • A spherical miniature tomato. The fruit is glossy red, or occasionally yellow, and typically eaten in salad.

    Many varieties, in particular Lycopersicon lycopersicum cerasiforme

    • ‘The best of these fruits, which range in size from the diameter of a pea to that of a cherry tomato, can compete with blooms for beauty.’
    • ‘Spearing a cherry tomato with my fork, I said to the old man, ‘No.’’
    • ‘Put the cherry tomato halves, cut-side up, on a baking tray, brush with a little oil and sprinkle with salt.’
    • ‘My terrine of goat's cheese, leek, spring onion and potato with cherry tomato salad was a delight: this simple starter bought a huge smile to my face.’
    • ‘It tastes marvelously clean between forkfuls of spring greens in cherry tomato vinaigrette, which comes on the side.’
    • ‘Make a slight twist and try roast cherry tomato and pesto risotto, a veritable sing-song of flavours.’
    • ‘Unfortunately some of the more intriguing dishes were unavailable, as they did not have Japanese rice and, little did I know, summer is not cherry tomato season.’
    • ‘Evelyn piped up, popping the last cherry tomato into her mouth.’
    • ‘Whet your appetite with fresh red veggies like red bell pepper slices, cherry tomatoes or tomato slices sprinkled with fresh basil.’
    • ‘Loaded with vitamin C, this sugary, grape-size version of the cherry tomato was first cultivated in China.’
    • ‘You might want to try cultivating a cherry tomato vine indoors and then move it outside about mid-May or give your palate a further boost by growing fresh herbs.’
    • ‘The cod was excellent, as was the superb oyster, and the explosion of sweet, bright flavour from the cherry tomatoes was sublime.’
    • ‘I began fidgeting almost immediately, growing as red as the cherry tomato on my plate.’
    • ‘By now the risotto balls had heated up, little saffron-scented domes with a sharp-sweet cherry tomato at their core.’
    • ‘Well, Kevin's got something up his sleeve - and I think it's a cherry tomato.’
    • ‘The guy was an ox, and his face was always as red as a cherry tomato.’
    • ‘My eyes widened in shock as the cherry tomato rolled onto the table.’
    • ‘The bruschetta was pizza bread on which sat six grilled cherry tomato halves (I did not dare ask if this was an HQ-directed quantity) and a piece of cold, grey ham on top.’
    • ‘At harvest time, they jostled over freshly picked sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes.’
    • ‘I drank water and, later, grabbed three carrot sticks, a few pieces of celery, and a cherry tomato from the veggie stand.’


cherry tomato

/ˈtʃɛri təˈˌmeɪdoʊ//ˈCHerē təˈˌmādō/