Definition of Cherokee rose in US English:

Cherokee rose


  • A climbing rose with fragrant white flowers, native to China and naturalized in the southern US.

    Rosa laevigata, family Rosaceae

    • ‘Having long ago naturalized in the area, the Cherokee rose was selected as the state flower of Georgia.’
    • ‘The Cherokee roses, white and pink, were brought to Oklahoma by the Cherokee when they made the Trail of Tears in 1832.’
    • ‘I need to google Cherokee roses, I am not familiar with them.’
    • ‘Named after the Cherokee roses that framed the property in the late 1800s, it is steeped in history.’
    • ‘In 1916, with the support of the Georgia Federation of Women's Clubs, the Cherokee rose was named the state floral emblem.’
    • ‘How does a plant from China obtain a name like Cherokee rose and become the state flower of Georgia?’
    • ‘Known as the Cherokee Trace, the trail is marked by Cherokee roses growing near springs and camping grounds.’