Definition of chemotropism in US English:



  • A tropism, especially of a plant, in response to a particular substance.

    • ‘Studies of chemotropism in yeast revealed important differences in the identity of the sensory pathways involved in gradient sensing in D. discoideum and Saccharomyces cerevisiae.’
    • ‘But the notion of chemotropism came to fruition only a decade later in the context of nerve regeneration.’
    • ‘This kind of chemotropism is called ‘chemorepulsion’.’
    • ‘Here a complicated set of tropisms is involved from thigmotropism, or response to touch when the insect lights on the leaf, to a chemotropism in the secreting of digestive juices.’
    • ‘This experiment actually looks at chemotropism for potassium, which is a macronutrient, so you will need to dilute your copper sulfate solution at 1 ml into 1 liter before you begin your watering.’