Definition of chemisorption in US English:



  • Adsorption in which the adsorbed substance is held by chemical bonds.

    • ‘This model is most appropriate when interactions between the MC and its environment are purely surface phenomena, as in the chemisorption of thiol molecules on the smooth surface of a gold-coated cantilever.’
    • ‘The authors write, ‘Both the physisorption and the chemisorption play important roles in optimizing the hydrogen storage.’’
    • ‘These data support what has already been suggested: that the DOPA side-chain in proteins serves two important roles in adhesion-the formation of cross-links and interfacial complexes in chemisorption.’
    • ‘Intact DOPA, particularly near the interface, may be essential for good chemisorption to polar surfaces.’
    • ‘Chemists make a distinction between chemical adsorption, or chemisorption, characterized by the formation of chemical bonds with the substrate, and physical adsorption or physisorption, which results from the van der Waals force.’


1930s: from chemi- + a shortened form of adsorption.