Definition of chemically in US English:



  • 1In a way that relates to chemistry, or to the interactions of substances as studied in chemistry.

    ‘many of these compounds are chemically reactive’
    • ‘Molybdenum is an essential component of three enzymes needed to chemically process certain amino acids that we get from protein.’
    • ‘Hardening is achieved by chemically adding hydrogen to a chain of oil molecules.’
    • ‘According to our office dictionary, gold is "a soft, dense, yellow, chemically unreactive precious metal."’
    • ‘There are import quotas for frozen sweet corn, chemically pure maltose and fructose, pasta, instant soups, and mineral waters.’
    • ‘The color pigment and acid chemically react to the metal, creating intense colors.’
    • ‘Chiral isomers are chemically similar to one another, but they differ in their biological activity and potency.’
    • ‘Each nodule itself is multi-hued, as if layers of chemically variant sediment had created the array.’
    • ‘She processes the bags so that the digested plant remains inside can be dried, weighed, and chemically analyzed.’
    • ‘Whey proteins that are chemically bound and interacting with starch could reduce the extent of staling during bread storage.’
    • ‘These bacteria chemically change natural sulfates in water to hydrogen sulfide.’
    1. 1.1 By use of chemicals.
      ‘chemically modified vegetable oil’
      ‘her naturally wavy blonde hair was chemically straightened’
      • ‘Enriched or chemically altered waters in harbors are also key areas for consideration.’
      • ‘They manufacture chemically etched brass suitable for a myriad of architectural applications.’
      • ‘A house under attack from termites may be chemically fumigated through a process known as tenting.’
      • ‘Many women deal with issues of power and conformity, not to mention chemically taming their hair.’
      • ‘Synthetic carpets and chemically treated fabrics may release fumes as they age.’
      • ‘For centuries, mercury has been used to chemically separate gold from ore.’
      • ‘In 1999, he developed a way to chemically modify cotton gauze so that it selectively targets and soaks up elastase.’
      • ‘Conventional oil is derived from petroleum refining, whereas synthetic oils are chemically manufactured replicas.’
      • ‘We will modify the pores to control DNA transport and then introduce chemically modified DNA.’
      • ‘These are chemically treated sponges that can be found at home centers, hardware stores, and janitorial supply stores.’
    2. 1.2 Relating to or by means of alcohol or intoxicating drugs.
      ‘a chemically dependent person’
      ‘drugs and alcohol offered a chemically induced sense of belonging’
      • ‘He goes out looking for drug addicts to kill for their rich, chemically enhanced blood.’
      • ‘When we last heard from them, they were waxing ruefully nostalgic about their chemically wasted youth.’
      • ‘The virus has had a devastating effect among chemically dependent men and women.’
      • ‘Neurological examination was compromised because the patient was chemically paralyzed.’
      • ‘These are neurotically emotional outbursts and chemically induced sensations of grandeur and paranoia.’
      • ‘Users of this drug fall into a chemically induced serendipity—in love with everyone around them, and clawing at whomever they can reach.’
      • ‘As chilly as it is out tonight, I need something to warm me up, both physically and chemically!’
      • ‘She reports that about half of the people with mental illness are chemically addicted.’
      • ‘Sleep is often chemically induced when the effort of trying to achieve those aspirations becomes too much.’
      • ‘The desire of these heroin addicts for chemically induced oblivion is made comprehensible by the sordid, disaffecting environment in which they live.’