Definition of chemical dependency in US English:

chemical dependency


  • Addiction to a mood- or mind-altering drug, such as alcohol or cocaine.

    • ‘Because they depress the central nervous system and have the potential for abuse, however, these drugs should be avoided in patients recovering from chemical dependency.’
    • ‘It's okay that I don't have any tattoos, piercings, or chemical dependencies.’
    • ‘While the situation of each homeless mother is unique, abuse, severe depression, chemical dependency, illiteracy, and chronic poverty are common contributing factors.’
    • ‘Moreover, evidence indicates that smoking-cessation interventions do not interfere with recovery from chemical dependency.’
    • ‘If the situation is serious, you may have to go to a rehab for chemical dependency.’
    • ‘The law also includes a mandated benefit for treatment for chemical dependency, including alcoholism, up to insurer-specified dollar or visit limits.’
    • ‘My wife was an alcoholic with her own chemical dependencies.’
    • ‘Recovering from chemical dependency is a life-long process, and some individuals require more than one round of treatment to be successful.’
    • ‘Unresolved grief can surface years later as headaches, intestinal problems, psychiatric difficulties, eating disorders or chemical dependency.’
    • ‘Yet the use of hypnosis with chemical dependency continues to be thought of as an alternative therapy when it is, possibly, one of the better choices available.’
    • ‘I understand that there is a chemical dependency center that is ready to receive you today.’
    • ‘Steps must be taken to identify drug-users, treat the problems of chemical dependency and prevent relapse.’
    • ‘This therapist has been recognized for his work in the field of mental health, chemical dependency and sexuality during his 25 plus years in practice.’
    • ‘Such issues include cultural pluralism, sexual orientation, sexism, chemical dependency, and violence.’
    • ‘Sexual and physical abuse, chemical dependency, and prostitution appear most frequently in the literature as being positively related to risky sexual behavior.’
    • ‘The now-familiar relation between an abusive parent and the eventual chemical dependency of the child is also illustrated.’
    • ‘Most physicians would agree that narcotics are inappropriate for patients with chemical dependency, significant character pathology, and psychiatric illness.’
    • ‘I have seen colleagues of mine completely ignore symptoms and signs of their own chemical dependency that they would recognize immediately in one of their patients.’
    • ‘That is, she began to miss counseling appointments at an agency that is licensed to provide mental health services as well as treatment for chemical dependency.’
    • ‘Alcohol consumption and chemical dependency is discouraged.’