Definition of cheesecloth in US English:



  • Thin, loosely woven cloth of cotton, used originally for making and wrapping cheese.

    • ‘Strain oil through a fine-mesh sieve, then again through cheesecloth and refrigerate until ready to use, or up to two weeks.’
    • ‘Place the cloves in a piece of 100% cotton cheesecloth.’
    • ‘After straining the fruit juices through a double layer of cheesecloth, put them into an atomizer with the shredded ice, and shake until the ice is melted.’
    • ‘Gauze is a sheer, lightly woven fabric similar to cheesecloth.’
    • ‘Wrap it in a clean dish towel or piece of cheesecloth.’
    • ‘Empire line dresses in cheesecloth and cotton appeared alongside crocheted tops and pastel jumpers with feather collars and cuffs.’
    • ‘Place a handful of chamomile in a square of cheesecloth or muslin, gather and tie then throw into your bath for a soothing skin treat.’
    • ‘Line a colander or sieve with cheesecloth or gauze and set it over a bowl.’
    • ‘Strain the oil through clean muslin or cheesecloth and allow it to cool until it is just warm.’
    • ‘Bundle the tea in cheesecloth and boil in a big pot.’
    • ‘Apparently there wasn't enough money in the budget for gauze, so they used cheesecloth instead.’
    • ‘Looser weaves, such as cheesecloth, offer considerably less protection.’
    • ‘Line a strainer with a double layer of 100 percent cotton cheesecloth.’
    • ‘You'll also need cheesecloth to protect food from insects and birds.’
    • ‘Some woodworkers suggest putting a lump of wax inside a few layers of folded cotton cheesecloth and rubbing it onto wood thus preventing heavy smears.’
    • ‘He wraps the cooled cakes in cheesecloth, brushes them with rum, and then covers them with plastic wrap before placing the cakes in a large box.’
    • ‘Tie the thyme, tarragon, and bay leaf in cheesecloth to make a sachet.’
    • ‘Pollinated flowers were then covered with cheesecloth to prevent contamination and to facilitate seed harvest.’
    • ‘These cheeses, most in 30-to 60-pound rounds wrapped in cheesecloth, are beautiful.’
    • ‘Place the spices, pepper, and thyme in a piece of cheesecloth.’