Definition of cheeseball in US English:



North American
  • Lacking taste, style, or originality.

    ‘I'll admit to watching some of those cheeseball daytime talk shows’
    • ‘The set certainly has its share of cheeseball shows, but the good ones are really good.’
    • ‘This is a swell movie for a cheese ball Saturday night rental.’
    • ‘This 17-track soundtrack reads like a list of cheese ball singer-songwriters.’
    • ‘The film is utterly hilarious, filled with loads of sight gags, cheeseball dialogue and numerous in-jokes for horror buffs.’
    • ‘I will sheepishly admit to being guilty of watching some of those cheeseball daytime talk shows when I am flipping around the channels.’
    • ‘The cult fiction collection presents four cheeseball attempts at low-budget horror that purposely elicit more laughs than chills.’
    • ‘The cheese-ball big-budget film is a riot of swirling gaudy colors, questionable plotting, and ham-fisted dialogue.’
    • ‘Like a man in a dapper Armani suit spouting cheeseball lines to all and sundry, he looks to be a real player.’
    • ‘Forget The Time Machine's cheeseball trip to the future.’
    • ‘They worked too hard for that money to see it get ripped off by some cheese-ball recording company.’
    • ‘It all adds to the cheeseball appeal of the movie.’
    • ‘People, especially critics, seem to associate horror with cheese ball shock tactics.’
    • ‘Fans of cheeseball flicks might also find it amusing.’
    • ‘The double entendres are all back, from the film's title right down to multiple cheeseball one-liners.’
    • ‘The whole exercise may have sounded interesting while distracted by 10,000 buff, flag-waving foreigners, but out of context the cheeseball bombast proves too much.’
    • ‘Say what you will about them, they sure like their cheeseball action flicks.’
    • ‘Of the four episodes, two deal with the cheeseball soap opera themes of high school hooplah, and two take a heavier turn.’
    • ‘Go back to watching cheeseball lounge singers with zero soul or originality on television.’
    • ‘However, taken as a whole I found it to be above par for the course of cheeseball movies.’
    • ‘First there is fear, then panic, then trepidation, then horror, then happiness, and finally some incredibly sappy, cheese ball sadness.’


North American
  • A person who lacks taste, style, or originality.

    ‘she's a walking cheeseball, but I love her anyway’
    • ‘The next time you say something corny and someone calls you cheesy or a cheeseball, you take that as a compliment, okay?’
    • ‘I know, I'm a cheeseball.’
    • ‘She's a walking cliche cheeseball, but you love her anyway.’
    • ‘"You probably think I'm such a cheese ball," Zack said, suddenly looking a bit embarrassed.’
    • ‘He has always been a bit of a cheeseball and, since he's completely aware of it, he plays the schmaltz for all its worth.’
    • ‘Zac is a bit of a cheeseball to start, but settles in nicely as the story progresses.’
    • ‘Maybe the fact that he's a whiny cheeseball has something to do with it.’
    • ‘I don't even think I can write anything more here tonight because I'll just end up being a gushy cheese ball.’
    • ‘Because I'm a total cheeseball, I sometimes listen to it.’
    • ‘I look like some cheeseball trying to get on camera, but I was just trying to take as many photos as possible of the condor.’
    • ‘I feel like a cheeseball for admitting this, but I absolutely love Notting Hill.’