Definition of cheese straw in US English:

cheese straw


  • A thin strip of pastry, flavored with cheese and eaten as a snack.

    • ‘Drinks at 5 are compulsory, and must be accompanied by cheese straws.’
    • ‘Think of them as the best of department store tearoom cuisine - favorites such as shrimp cocktails, chicken salad, and cheese straws.’
    • ‘With the return of the cocktail party comes the rebirth of that old-fashioned appetizer, the cheese straw.’
    • ‘While they didn't have religion in common, and they were 30 years apart in age, I believe my mother learned much from Trudy - most importantly how to make her cheese straws and her yeast rolls, which appear in the book.’
    • ‘Conversation ebbs and flows, and from time to time, our host's wife floats through and offers us cheese straws.’
    • ‘Intersperse with peanuts, cheese straws and pork scratchings and you'll be fine.’
    • ‘I don't eat a starter for my Christmas dinner as I think it spoils the treat, but a little smoked salmon on brown bread or a few cheese straws about an hour before takes the edge off the wait.’
    • ‘Other goodies to throw in the basket: smoked almonds, Ghirardelli or Godiva chocolate, cheese straws (in Houston, Leibman's are the best), even soaps or candles.’
    • ‘We received what looked like crisps but were in fact incredible cheese straws.’
    • ‘Well actually I'm full of cheese straws and Kit-Kats, but that's the fault of Lisa's mother.’
    • ‘In addition to purchasing thousands of $29 DVD players this holiday season, customers also bought Tibetan yak cheese, pomegranate molasses and zero carb cheese straws.’


cheese straw

/ˈCHēz ˌstrô//ˈtʃiz ˌstrɔ/