Definition of cheerfully in US English:



  • 1In a way that displays happiness or optimism.

    ‘he was whistling cheerfully’
    • ‘The double doors swung open and Matthew burst into the room cheerfully.’
    • ‘‘Sure does’ I said cheerfully, feeling quite gleeful after such a good night behind me.’
    • ‘Everyone inside that room was chatting away cheerfully and they all sounded perfectly normal.’
    • ‘Muslims coexisted cheerfully with Christians and Jews.’
    • ‘She cheerfully responds with a probing question of her own.’
    • ‘He was whistling cheerfully as he started down the sidewalk.’
    • ‘‘Nessie's stirring up the tourists today,’ the man announced cheerfully as he sat down.’
    • ‘We chatted about residents and green space, and then Randolph excused himself, a little too cheerfully, for a dental appointment.’
    • ‘And several other people chipped in cheerfully.’
    • ‘Darius smiled cheerfully and crossed the room to where she was sitting.’
    • ‘Sonia whistled cheerfully as she made her way to her cabin.’
    • ‘He drove cheerfully on, his round head happily nodding on its little spring as his car bumped along the road.’
    • ‘As he cheerfully plays with his toys or writhes playfully to evade the tickling of his loving mum, there is no hint of the rare illness that will mean demanding times lay ahead for the youngster and his parents.’
    • ‘Nicholas whistled cheerfully as he led the horses away.’
    • ‘They walked out of the fountain room together, still cheerfully chatting.’
    • ‘‘That's nothing,’ cut in Darryl happily, cheerfully poking his brother with his fork.’
    • ‘I'd like to smile and skip down shopping lanes whistling cheerfully but it just isn't in me.’
    • ‘Undaunted, we whistled cheerfully all the time.’
    • ‘Here was I, stressed out at running late for work, facing, thanks to a blunder by payroll, a month without money for food or bills, while she prepared cheerfully for another day out.’
    • ‘The householder's grandchild comes out to play, calling cheerfully, ‘Hello, Uncle!’’
    merrily, cheerfully, cheerily, happily, joyfully, joyously, light-heartedly, blithely, jauntily, gleefully, with pleasure
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    1. 1.1 In a way that inspires feelings of happiness.
      ‘cheerfully decorated rooms’
      • ‘I groaned and twisted on my bed, pulling the covers to block out the sunlight streaming cheerfully into my room.’
      • ‘The door opened to a room where the walls were cheerfully painted in coral.’
      • ‘Delphine lead her to the dining room where a fire blazed cheerfully.’
      • ‘I noticed that the house was cheerfully decorated, but I wasn't paying too much attention to details at that moment.’
      • ‘The room was cheerfully decorated, and each table was set with fine dinnerware in honor of the celebration.’
    2. 1.2 Readily and willingly.
      ‘I could cheerfully have strangled her’
      • ‘The combatants are all living close to the edge, cheerfully going to their death or happily slaughtering their enemies.’
      • ‘They should be promptly and cheerfully paid in full with much sincere gratitude toward the lender.’
      • ‘We cheerfully acknowledge our place as men aiming to destroy, and we do not apologize for this.’
      • ‘Then you are to go to sleep quickly and cheerfully.’
      • ‘However, as he himself cheerfully admitted, none of his treatments were at all effective.’
      • ‘She is uneducated, doesn't know how an MBA thinks, relies on her gut instinct and cheerfully admits that sometimes she gets it wrong.’
      • ‘This is not a phrase that trips easily off the tongue, as may well be imagined, but it is promptly and cheerfully accepted as permitting no appeal.’
      • ‘Here's what I've amassed so far, and I'll cheerfully add to this list as our readers make suggestions.’
      • ‘It is, they cheerfully admit, an obsession that dominates their lives.’
      • ‘The head of the Norwegian salmon-farming industry cheerfully admits that he eats only wild salmon.’
      • ‘Whole scenes were done in an afternoon, he adds, while cheerfully admitting that he can sometimes spend up to a day choreographing just one minute of dance.’
      • ‘But, she cheerfully admits, he was sometimes his own worst enemy.’
      • ‘Leaving aside major humanitarian and social issues, what aspects of everyday life would you cheerfully throw out and consider the world to be a better place without them?’
      • ‘God's people should always be prepared to give liberally, voluntarily and cheerfully.’
      • ‘The next morning Emily did all her chores quickly and cheerfully.’
      • ‘When my friends' 4-year-old wants to play house, I cheerfully pretend to drink tea from her little cup.’
      • ‘So he held very still, cheerfully submitting to his fate, willingly giving in, and time seemed to go on endlessly.’
      • ‘‘At the time it probably was a dopey thing to do,’ she admits cheerfully.’
      • ‘But while there were some people who would cheerfully have thrown me into the sea, there were others who didn't give a toss about the colour of my skin and a few who would have defended me with their lives.’
      • ‘Seventeen percent of under-25s cheerfully admit that their primary reason for drinking is to get drunk.’
      willingly, without hesitation, unhesitatingly, gladly, happily, cheerfully, with pleasure, with good grace, without reluctance, ungrudgingly, voluntarily
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