Definition of cheekpiece in US English:



  • 1The portion of the stock of a rifle or shotgun that rests against the face when aiming from the shoulder.

    • ‘To give it character, the cheekpiece features a carved rhino with silver inlaid horns.’
    • ‘I've since spent time admiring the rifle's handsomely figured walnut stock and rollover cheekpiece.’
    • ‘Of course I had to study the photos to check out all of the features, and I noticed that there appears to be something interesting about the cheekpiece of that stock.’
    • ‘They shaped stock in the American classic style with a shadowline cheekpiece.’
    • ‘The left-handed cheekpiece did me one bit of good.’
    • ‘He indicated that future rifles will have a somewhat redesigned stock with a Monte Carlo cheekpiece.’
    • ‘Superior grade rifles will feature a select walnut stock with a comb and cheekpiece, with a pistol grip cap and forend tip in a contrasting finish with white line spacers.’
    • ‘Typical of their classic styling, the rifle features a beaded cheekpiece and contrasting ebony forend tip.’
    • ‘It is a more conventional stock with a tear-drop grip and roll-over cheekpiece.’
    • ‘It also sports a hand-carved cheekpiece and checkering on the pistol grip, plus a thick ventilated rubber recoil buttpad with white-line spacer.’
    • ‘A shadow cheekpiece is standard along with a nicely fit recoil pad.’
    • ‘We're talking a black stock with a skeletonized butt section, a vertical grip, adjustable cheekpiece, and an elevation screw for bench shooting.’
  • 2Either of the two straps of a horse's bridle joining the bit and the headpiece.

    • ‘He had worn cheekpieces that day, but as they did not have the desired effect Balding decided to apply the blinkers in a bid to encourage him to put his best foot forward.’
    • ‘The Jockey Club will shortly insist that the cheekpieces, like blinkers and visors, are declared on racecards - about time too, as punters know they can improve horses but don't know if they're being worn.’
    • ‘The horse also proved the value of the controversial sheepskin cheekpieces which are now regularly fitted to horses who find blinkers and visors too claustrophobic.’
    1. 2.1 A bar on a horse's bit which lies outside the mouth.
      • ‘I tied the reins of his horse to the saddle rings of my mare, and then took her bridle at the cheekpiece and coaxed her in.’