Definition of cheekbone in US English:



  • The bone below the eye.

    ‘she swept her hair back from her face to emphasize her high cheekbones’
    • ‘She had waist length brown hair, with hazel eyes, high cheekbones and a fair complexion.’
    • ‘His chin was not as defined, but he sported a scar across one eyebrow which looked good against his high cheekbones.’
    • ‘Her face was angular, emaciated - the cheekbones standing out and the eyes sunken in, with no healthy rose to the skin.’
    • ‘He had sharp features, with very high definition cheekbones and a sharply defined chin.’
    • ‘He was thinner, too, his cheekbones jutting out sharply from the hollows of his cheeks.’
    • ‘His head was bent over his knees, tufts of pale hair falling over his cheekbones and forehead.’
    • ‘They'd also left two gouges running diagonally across the cheekbone down to the jaw.’
    • ‘She looked thinner than before - her eye sockets were more pronounced, as were her cheekbones.’
    • ‘On the other hand, I think my eyes are quite pretty and that I have good cheekbones.’
    • ‘With his soft grey eyes, enviable cheekbones and hair that tousles endearingly at the merest touch, he has all the makings of a teen idol.’
    • ‘He had good cheekbones and damn near perfect bone structure with a good strong jaw.’
    • ‘I quickly regained my footing and rubbed at the sore spot just below my cheekbone.’
    • ‘She slipped and fell while she was out shopping, and has fractured her cheekbone, and a bone in her upper arm.’
    • ‘His dark eyes were quite sunken into his skull, making his high cheekbones very prominent.’
    • ‘Maybe it would make his cheekbones look sunken and athletic and sexy.’
    • ‘A vertical line ran down from just above his eyebrow to the bottom of his cheekbone.’
    • ‘She sketched the lines of his cheekbones and carefully shaded in the delicate curve of his upper lip.’
    • ‘She looked down at his sleeping face, the dark eyelashes that fanned his high cheekbones.’
    • ‘My cheekbones had no striking sculpture or grace, and my jaw-line no particular character.’
    • ‘He raised his head slightly, his black hair limp across his cheekbones and the nape of his neck low.’