Definition of cheek to cheek in US English:

cheek to cheek


  • (of two people dancing) with their heads close together in an intimate way.

    • ‘They danced cheek to cheek, and Jen saw his lips moving.’
    • ‘He walks out onto the catwalk and pulls a woman from the audience up onstage, holds her and they dance cheek to cheek.’
    • ‘If nothing else, the story affords us the pleasure of watching the two dancing cheek to cheek.’
    • ‘He tactfully asked Lady Lucy to sit and talk to Rupert while I danced with him, cheek to cheek.’
    • ‘Dancers face in the same direction (the woman's right, the man's left) and so dance almost cheek to cheek.’
    • ‘It doesn't go down well when you're dancing cheek to cheek.’
    • ‘The music was slow, and the two other couples on the dance floor were slow dancing, their eyes closed, cheek to cheek.’
    • ‘The singer, his voice deep and husky, started singing mimicking that of Frank Sinatra, singing about us dancing cheek to cheek.’
    • ‘He then closes his eyes and we were cheek to cheek.’
    • ‘That's when I realized that we were dancing cheek to cheek.’