Definition of cheek pouch in English:

cheek pouch


  • A saclike fold of skin on either side of the mouth, especially in squirrels, monkeys, and gophers, used for carrying food.

    • ‘They also support cheek pouches, which may be used in food storage, but this is not certain.’
    • ‘She stuffs them into her furry cheek pouches to transport back to the burrow's food chamber.’
    • ‘They all have a large, fur-lined cheek pouch that opens next to the mouth and extends back along the shoulders.’
    • ‘They feed on vegetation, fruit and seeds, storing any surplus food in their cheek pouches which they empty into their burrow and hoard for future consumption.’
    • ‘They harvest seeds from the desert floor, transporting them back to the burrow in external fur-lined cheek pouches that preclude absorption of salivary water into inedible seed coats.’
    • ‘He caught chipmunks whose cheek pouches were so stuffed with lodgepole pine seeds that not one more would fit.’
    • ‘Food is packed into the cheek pouches and carried to underground storage chambers.’
    • ‘The lips are full and form cheek pouches, in which the bats store food as they feed while flying.’
    • ‘Chipmunks have large cheek pouches where they carry food back to store in their burrows.’
    • ‘Externally, tucos resemble pocket gophers, but they lack the external cheek pouches possessed by members of that family.’
    • ‘A small, feral chipmunk sat on the low wall of stacked field rock that ran beside the secondary road, stuffing his cheek pouches with the maple seeds that had gathered in the hollows between the stones.’
    • ‘Sloths move really slowly and they store food in the cheek pouches.’