Definition of checkout in English:



  • 1A point at which goods are paid for in a supermarket or other store.

    [as modifier] ‘packaging that is scanned at the checkout counter’
    • ‘The two girls on the checkouts near where it happened were quite shaken up.’
    • ‘I have to chug this heavy thing back to checkout and the line here is terrible.’
    • ‘Many shop layouts and checkouts had to be rethought since plastic bags have to be reclassified as a product for sale and staff had to be trained to pack items more economically and safely.’
    • ‘I was the first male checkout operator they had, and looking back on my time there, although it was a bit boring occasionally, it was a great place to work.’
    • ‘Some can be programmed to offer additional items that may be of interest to your customer during checkout.’
    • ‘Registers will convert bar codes at checkout into orders for restocking shelves.’
    • ‘The tokens are given to customers after they pay for their goods at checkout.’
    • ‘The supermarket group found itself caught up in the battle, because customers kept complaining to checkout staff about the charges.’
    • ‘In a large supermarket, phone top-ups will be available at all checkouts and will become part of a family's weekly shopping basket.’
    • ‘He was standing in front of two new checkout aisles with what can only be described as a throbbing bank of technology behind him.’
    • ‘It includes a bar-code reader so you can scan your own purchases and zoom through checkout.’
    • ‘When shopping, buy cold food like meat and poultry last, right before checkout.’
    • ‘We didn't allow people into the store because it would have caused chaos at the checkouts.’
    • ‘There will be displays, T-shirts and no smoking information leaflets available at every checkout.’
    • ‘You get so many grumpy people on checkouts and in shops these days and you feel as though you're a burden to them.’
    • ‘Always up for a laugh when he worked on the grocery checkouts, Brian used to send his co-workers off around the building on wild goose chases looking for something that didn't exist.’
    • ‘The new system will not replace traditional checkouts or checkout assistants.’
    • ‘Those clerks who weren't too shaken dutifully ran their goods through checkout.’
    • ‘American life poses challenges for those who have not seen escalators, refrigerators, traffic lights, and scan-your-own grocery checkouts.’
    • ‘So I say leave Christmas Day alone, shopworkers want to be with their families at this time of year, not stuck behind some checkout.’
    cash register, cash box, cash drawer, strongbox
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  • 2The administrative procedure followed when a guest leaves a hotel at the end of a stay.

    [as modifier] ‘checkout time’
    • ‘It's usually such a rush the next day with an early flight or at least a somewhat early checkout required in most hotels.’
    • ‘The rate includes daily American breakfast for one or two persons and late checkout.’
    • ‘Although we had express checkout, I had some small matter to clear up with the front desk.’
    • ‘The hotel staff had no problem at all extending our checkout time until our arranged pickup.’
    • ‘When I reported this to the desk upon checkout, they told me I should have told them sooner.’
    • ‘We had walked in silence from the hotel checkout to the streets again.’
    worktop, work surface, worktable, table, bench, buffet, top, horizontal surface
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