Definition of check something in in US English:

check something in

phrasal verb

  • 1(of a passenger) consign baggage to the care of the transport provider with whom they are traveling.

    ‘I got a taxi to the airport and checked my bags in’
    • ‘We checked in our luggage and went through the Customs to declare a painting we'd bought.’
    • ‘I checked in my luggage, collected the boarding pass and went to the passport control.’
    • ‘‘I cannot recall your bags, sir, after they have been checked in’.’
    • ‘At the airport, Mom and Dad stood by as we checked in our bags.’
    • ‘Passengers with luggage will have to check it in the main departure hall, the airline said.’
    • ‘I hate carrying round hand baggage and checked in my overnight bag.’
    • ‘I won't be checking any baggage in, so there won't be any baggage hall reclaim horrors to endure.’
    • ‘Bewildered tourists check their baggage in at the airline desks, and are then ordered back towards the main exit to join the queue.’
    • ‘The two players got as far as the Heathrow terminal, then checked in their bags and disappeared into airport crowds.’
    • ‘We just checked in our luggage, got our boarding pass and now we're going to head into security.’
    • ‘Imagine how much more you'd ride if you could quickly fold your bike in half, stash it in your trunk, and even check it in as regular airline baggage.’
    1. 1.1 Deposit a coat, bag, or other item for temporary safekeeping in the cloakroom of a restaurant, theater, etc.
      ‘he was checking in his coat on the second floor when people started rushing past him’
      • ‘She had just checked her coat in and met her friends in the bar when her mobile phone rang.’
      • ‘I ran into Andy and David - I always seem to have an inkling when they're going to be there and I bumped into them checking their coats in.’
      • ‘When she went to retrieve it, it was not the same coat she had checked in.’
      • ‘In each of these venues you'll have wanted to check in your coat the moment you got through the door.’
      • ‘Be prepared for the sobering sight of guns being checked in alongside coats in the cloakrooms.’